1. Forswearing hypocrisy by henceforth calling a spade a spade: meaning that at the very outset the US will take it upon itself, preferably by a resolution passed by both houses of congress and a Presidential proclamation, to declare for a fact, that which is no news to responsible US leaders: that the root cause for the suffering visited upon the Arab and Jewish populations of Palestine for some hundred years now is the unreasonable and unjustifiable hostility of the Arab Nation at large and Palestinians in particular toward the idea of living side by side in good neighborly fashion with any form of a Jewish political entity in the Holy Land region no matter what justified criticism can be leveled at Israeli policies — this remains a basic fact the consequences of which the Palestinians must accept.  This declaration shouldn’t be understood as a call for punishing Palestinians but as first of steps necessary to achieve peace by which Palestinians and Israelis will benefit greatly.


The lesser members of the so-called “road map quartet” should be asked to endorse such declaration if they wish to qualify as honest contributors to the Middle East peace process.


2. Further, it must be made clear at the outset, by the US, that the borders of Israel will be determined by considerations of defensibility, thus their positioning will be dictated by topography and Israel’s need for reasonable geographic trip-wire depth. Which means that Israel’s territory will inevitably extend also over areas now populated predominantly by Arabs. As far as such territory is concerned  Israel has a right to it; however, lording it over an Arab population is unacceptable as integration is impracticable. The Arab population must be resettled eastwards outside Israel’s borders as Jewish settlers will have to get out of Palestine's borders.


3. Further, it must be made clear at the outset that Israel must accept that outside Israel’s borders the Palestinians have a right to  a state — territorially uninterrupted, but only so — if they so wish. However, Israel doesn’t owe such a state “viability”. Nevertheless, that such a Palestinian state be viable is a legitimate Israeli concern. Hence a future Palestinian state must encompass ultimately the present kingdom of Jordan. Who should run the government, the king or  Arafat's heirs, is for all Palestinians to decide.


4. Further, it must be made clear at the outset, that it never was Israel’s but the Arabs’ responsibility to take care of any refugees or so-called refugees by integrating them in the Arab Middle East. A duty reprehensibly neglected for over fifty years; owing to Arab culpability there is no and never was any “right of return” . The Arab side, subject to outside supervision and possibly with some such assistance, should start taking care of the problem in that sense right away. 


5. Further, it must be made clear at the outset that a  threatening armaments buildup, practicing or tolerating terror, as well as incitement to violence and hate propaganda  against the State of Israel in schools, academia, media, mosques, public places and by dissemination of such literature by Palestinians (and for that matter by the Arab Nation), is the equivalent of an act of war and if not immediately curtailed will unleash swift and appropriate punitive action: in which case Israel will not have to rely on its armed forces alone. 


Asking five million Israelis to “negotiate” the above — which ought to be a destructive-aspirations-deflating-immutability — with in effect two hundred and seventy million Arab opponents, many of them disconcertingly suicide prone, is quintessential dishonesty. How about a full measure of honesty and fairness for a change?


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